Your photo booth contract – please check!

Your photo booth contract

You’ve found the perfect photo booth for your event – now is the time to examine your photo booth contract.  Just as you must with every supplier – you need to know what you are signing.  I can’t emphasise this enough - especially now (April 2020) when Covid -19 is forcing everything to close.

The basics?

Let’s look at the general stuff first.  Name, address, company information (number and address).  Does all that check out?  Company number only applies if they are a limited company – which gives you, the buyer, added protection over a partnership or sole trader.  Does the contract set out the date, location, length of hire time?  Whilst that’s crucial – you’d be surprised that sometimes it gets left out – or everyone assumes that everyone knows.

The people

Does the contract set out who will be providing the hire – not the company, necessarily, but the staff (and the number of staff)?  Some photo booth operators naturally send out two members of staff, some only one unless agreed in your photo booth contract.  If you’ve bought additional services as part of your photo booth contract (key rings, for example) that would normally need two members of staff.  One to look after your guests and the booth, one to look after the key rings and the cutter.

The cost

If you have the basics set up, let’s look at the cost(s).  This needs to be set out in full & to itemise what’s being provided.  Firstly there should be an invoice showing the full value of the services and, again, the cost.  On top of that, you will need to pay a deposit and you should get a statement of account that shows what you have paid.  It needs to also show the penalties.  However - what happens if they don’t turn up?  What happens if you have to change the date?  Make sure it’s written down!

OK, what is being provided?

You may have a standard photo booth contract.  Or, more likely, you’ve been talking with the photo booth company for a while, getting the package you want.  That might include green screen backgrounds.  Or perhaps you want to have a video booth.  Or you want key rings.  Whatever has been agreed – make sure it’s in the contract and written down.

And finally …

Well, finally, make sure it is all signed, sealed & witnessed!

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