Your booth butler – the unspoken hero!

Booth butlers

Let’s hear it for the booth butler - the un-sung hero of the evening.  Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the people who make it all seem so easy.

Kind but firm, firm but fair

Sometimes dealing with guests requires the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon!  And ideally, that’s what our booth butlers do every time.  They’re there, greeting the guests, organising the props, the album …. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party or a Corporate Christmas do.

But wait - just turning up is all??

There’s a heck of a lot more to being a booth butler than just turning up.  For us, each booth butler is responsible for their “own” booth but will also be asked, sometimes, to use another.  So the first thing we insist they do is to check that they have everything.  Once they’ve done that, we ask that they make sure they have replacements.  We’re dealing with technology – so leads decay over time, get frayed …So replacements where possible.  It seems silly and obvious - but there is nothing worse than relying on someone else to have done their job properly - and then to let everyone down.  So the basic booth, plus all leads, computers etc - and then extra leads, spares (media / camera).

Do we do that for every event?  To be honest – no.  I wish we could but at peak times that would require 18 cameras, printers ….. and we can’t afford to carry that much.  Everything gets extensively tested beforehand.

And finally …

Then they have to load it all, transport it and build it before you can even use it.  Doing this without breaking anything & quietly and discreetly so that they don’t disturb you and your guests.  All the while dealing with access issues to venues ….

When you see a booth butler - are they on their phone?  Our both butlers are asked to keep their phone use to an absolute minimum during their working time.  Checking the time - fine.  Posting to, or looking at Facebook - absolutely not!  Our booth butlers are there to look after the guests and the booth - and make it all look easy!

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“Heard nothing but positive feedback!”  “Your booth butler really made my friends feel special!”


It’s those sort of comments and feedback that we get (most of!) the time - and that’s what we do this for!

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