Your Big Day, Anyone’s big wedding

It’s your big day, something you’ve planned for months, if not for years. And along comes the recent speech in the House of Lords by The Right Reverend Sarah Mullally. She used her speech to call on the government to “encourage couples to understand that marriage itself matters far more than the commercial trappings of a wedding day”. “But the wedding industry is busily ramping up expectations of what a big day should involve.”

And boy, was there a twitter storm! On one hand, of course, you can absolutely understand her point of view. Marriage is far more than just a wedding day. We totally endorse that view point. But the 2nd sentence really caught our attention.

What should a big day involve?

No two weddings are the same. We must have been to hundreds in all the time we’ve been providing photo booth hire -trust us on this one! To be fair, it needs a fairly big event to justify the expense of a photo booth. And, yes, the day generally follows a pretty fixed schedule. But beyond that - everything is different and personal. Perhaps it’s that last fact that should be emphasised - PERSONAL.

It’s personal to the bride and groom. Personal as to who they invite and don’t invite, the cake, the rings the entertainment. There’s always a budget to consider but I can guarantee you this - we’ve never increased our prices because it’s a wedding enquiry. Don’t believe me - check out our Home page and check our availability. The prices are the same, whether you’re looking for a wedding reception or any other occasion.

This is a link to the Huffington Post article.

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