you, Us and the virus

Well, it’s certainly been interesting! Like just about everyone involved in the wedding industry, the past year’s bookings have been decimated by the virus. We would normally do anything north of 90 events a year. January and February 2020 started off well but since March we’ve done exactly 1 event (a socially distanced wedding). No new bookings, deposits or enquiries. Since no one knew what was going to happen next - least of all our Government - no one was going to make a booking. Except one new booking which is going to be a 1 year on celebration.

What we have been doing is postponing all the events from 2020 to 2021 or 2022 and we are so grateful to all our customers for sticking with us. It has been so hard this past year, but especially for brides and grooms! The big day, postponed (and quite often postponed again). I have to admit to not understanding why this Government will give no clear route map out of this. After all weddings - which is the majority of our work - are not organised on a whim. They are months and more often years in the making. Even a party - whether Christmas, birthday or otherwise, needs good planning and plenty of organising time.

But whilst we have the virus stalking our every move we’re just having to sit this one out. Our kit and equipment is ready and willing to go, our booth butlers want to get out there and have the fun of working with brides and grooms and party planners - here’s hoping that the virus is vanquished soon!

Let's hope the virus is vanquished soon!

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