Why is the 25th of April so popular?

November 27, 2019

You’d expect Bank Holiday weekends and the week days around them to be very popular - but why is the 25th of April 2020 so popular?  We are completely sold out for that day - and yet still more enquiries continue to come in.  The diary seems to give no clues that we can see.  There Bank Holidays for April are the 10th and the 13th - 2 weeks before hand.  And the next Bank Holiday isn’t until the 8th of May.  So popular - but we can’t see an obvious reason.

It’s possible, of course that it could be to do with the wedding calendar.  Where there are high and low seasons with prices to match.  If you are planning a wedding you’ll know, as we all do, that the “so popular” months.  These are roughly May to September / October - and this may give a clue for the 25th of April.  It’s quite usual to find that prices go up quite considerably in the popular season.  We’re all used to airline prices going up for half term holidays and the summer holidays.

Our approach?

I should point out now that we don’t charge according to the season - or even charge differently between our booths.  We understand that fills up our diaries in the popular months and leaves us looking over-priced (??) in the less popular months.  But the reality is that our costs don’t change much during the year - petrol excepted - and also we would rather be working.  Add to that a rather old fashioned view that we don’t think that it’s slightly under-hand to raise prices for no good reason.  Sounds a bit too much like patting ourselves on the back!

So popular

All our packages include a full design service as standard, along with an extensive prop box, at least one booth butler, unlimited visits to the booth by anyone during the hire time and, of course, a photo album.  We will also buy a tree from the Woodland Trust and dedicate it to the person(s) of your choice – we’ve all heard about global warming and trees are, apparently, the best way to extract & store carbon.