Who owns the title to the print out?

December 29, 2019

Who owns the title? That’s an increasingly important question! Nowadays everyone takes photos of everything. The food we eat, the places we go, the people we are with. Nothing is without photographic possibilities. Mostly these photos stay on a phone. Generally they’re uploaded to a social media site at some point. You’ll know these sites yourself - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram …. We use Facebook and Instagram ourselves to publicise our services. We create blog posts as well in order to spread the news.

When we supply our photo booth for hire we make sure that the booth butler is the one that starts the session. Why is that? Well, firstly it simply makes sense in terms of keeping some control. Guests arrive in the booth excited and probably boisterous. We help them, or encourage them, to choose some props.

Who owns the title - we normally suggest no more than 5 in our traditional booth. These guys didn't need anyone else! Who owns the title - how many can you get into a Mirror booth?

We normally suggest no more than five people have their photo taken together. That’s for one of our traditional, enclosed, booths. For a Mirror booth or our Selfie pod that limit doesn’t apply of course!

Secondly, and over and above the need to keep some sort of control, is the need to keep things moving. Photo booth are perennially popular - a subject for another blog post perhaps - and there are generally queues. Queues mean waiting guests. Waiting guests mean bored guests. Bored guests are a no-no as far as we are concerned! Whilst we want to keep things moving, we also want to get great photos. We set our cameras to Manual so that we are in charge of the image. You’ll see from the image on the left that it is pretty much perfect whilst the one of the right is just out of focus. Both are from events that we did. Probably the reason the right hand image is out of because the booth butler allowed the session to start too soon.

In the end, the person who presses the shutter owns the title!

At the end of the day it’s only a photo ….