What’s the cost of a wedding nowadays?

The cost of a wedding

According to Brides magazine, the cost of a wedding is, on average, between £27,000 and £30,00 (2017 figures). The lower figure is from the Radio Four report.

Wedding = price increase?

That is an eye wateringly large number but unfortunately, it’s very easy to reach, and exceed, that number.  But luckily that’s an average figure and there are many ways of bringing the cost down.  I should, perhaps, point out that some suppliers increase their prices when they hear the word “wedding”.  That’s not our way – we’ll increase prices for post-midnight bookings but that’s because it’s unsociable hours.

Find your balance

It’s about balance, first and foremost.  Have you always seen yourself walking down the aisle in an absolute stunner?  Then, perhaps the centre pieces at your reception don’t need to be so exquisite.  One wedding we went to earlier this year had their nieces and nephews (a veritable army) make the centre pieces of each table, for example.Sending out wedding invites is a must – but do they have to be unique?

Hobbycraft have seen their sales of wedding accessories and crafts grow by 1/5th in the past year alone.  Everyone has cottoned on to the fact that it doesn’t have to be a deposit on a flat or a wedding reception.

But some things are best left to a professional?

There are some things you may not be able to do yourself.  Putting pressure on your friends and family to cook / bake etc is probably unfair (and likely to lead to disappointment).  Having “Uncle Fred” take photos of your day can lead to disaster (or just a stack of rather poor photos) – we would say that!  Where you do use a professional – check them out!  Price is not necessarily a good indicator or quality.  Get references, see their Facebook page, examine their previous work…
Ask any other members of your family who’ve got married recently if they would recommend someone, for example.

The DIY wedding

You can make your own wedding invites (get friends round, share a glass – or two). Those flowers in the centre of your tables can be in Kilner jars. Shop on-line for wedding dresses, brides maids outfits …  It can all be done. Etsy can be a big help for brides looking for good quality dresses or posies etc. for less money than a bigger high street florist, for example.  We came across this video on the Weddings, Brides, Desses and more which fits perfectly with this post.

In conclusion, whilst big impressive weddings, are almost frightening expensive, there are many simple ways to have your wedding at a fraction of the cost if you are clever and scout around for deals.

The cost of a wedding

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