What’s important for you – don’t compromise on print outs!

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Planning any sort of a party or celebration is, or can be, fraught with negotiations between differing parties.  And so many possibilities.  And if you are the one organising it all, getting what’s important to you sometimes calls for the skills of a UN peace keeper!


Here we’re not really talking about an impromptu get together (that can also include some formidable negotiating skills!).  We’re talking about the life changing, life affirming events.  What’s important for you at such events that are major milestones in a life?  Events like birthdays, weddings, christenings, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah deserve to be celebrated. I well remember celebrating my 50th birthday with family and friends.  We took about 6 months to bring it all together. Naturally the last few days before the party were fraught with last minute panics!  But the whole day went brilliantly.  Naturally there were a few absentees, more than made up by a few last-minute additions, which seems to be par for the course.

What’s important for you

“What’s important to you?” my girlfriend asked.  And, in all honesty, I was focused on getting everyone together.  What’s important to you - my better answer would have been finding a way to record it.  This was in the days before photo booths.  There is only one decision we made that I now regret; we made no plans to record the event.  So we left disposable cameras on tables & I have some fuzzy images of floors, ceilings, feet and people!  But nothing more.  Everyone would have had camera phones of some sort, I suppose.  And, as is the way, they took photos of the proceedings.

Preserve your memories

However none of the photos that they may have taken that day have come to me.  Or, as far as I know, been printed (party print would have gone down a storm here!). I’ll not be able to re-create that day – people have died, divorced, fallen out – and so whilst I have it in my memory, I have nothing I can pass on to my children or grandchildren as family history (assuming they’re interested, of course!). If what’s important for you is to have memories of the day (whether it’s formal or informal shots, videography or otherwise), then don’t do as I did and invest in a photographer / videographer or photo booth – make sure it gets printed out!

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