What comes after your wedding day? A few ideas from us – feel free to add your own!

Your wedding day

With the “average” cost of a wedding approaching £30,000 – including the honeymoon - & your wedding day taking up so much of your time and energy, hopes and dreams, it possibly seems ridiculous to even contemplate life after the big day.

However there are lots of things that need doing after your wedding day, unfortunately, and we’re not just talking about the clearing up.

Being a photo booth company we are, of course, rather focused on how you can best use the images.  I’m sure that there’s lots of other ideas that you can come up with.  What we’re most concerned with it making the best use of either the photo booth images or the individual images.  We also send you these after the event.

Is Social Media for you?

So, obviously the first thing is some sort of social media coverage.  By default, for your wedding day photo booth hire experience, we’ll put some of the images onto Facebook. All of them will get uploaded to our web site.  Unfortunately not everyone makes the most use of that. People forget to tag and comment on the images (we’re talking Facebook primarily).  Sometimes it’s just not sensible or right to put the images up on Facebook (images of children and some professionals). And we absolutely get that some clients see this as free advertising for us – got to say that if we’ve done a good job at your event it seems a little thing to show your support afterwards.

So how about making your own Facebook page for your wedding day?  We are now fully social media equipped and can bring our social media station to your event..  Guests upload their images straight to your wedding Facebook page and everything is centrally located.  Much like having one web site to handle all your wedding planning).

After the event ideas – how about putting a special photo onto a mug or any other piece of cutlery? I was the chauffeur for my nieces’ wedding recently – and that was such a lovely present to get after the event.

I’m sure you have lots of ideas – do share!

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