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Our wedding photo booth just waiting for weddings to happen again.

If you’re one of our regular followers, you may have seen lots of posts about weddings from us, especially on our Twitter feed(@tppbphotoboothhire). Weddings probably make up about 75% of our regular business and it’s been heart breaking over the past year. We’ve had brides postponing four times, brides in tears and thoroughly depressed by the unfairness of it all.

Surely it’s not too much to ask to have your one perfect day? The day you’ve planned, with the guests that are special to you and your partner.

For us the 2020 wedding season just didn’t happen. And we’re not complaining about that. Everyone knows the reasons and everyone brought into the lockdown (with one or two notable exceptions). We all know the narrative from last year. When the lockdown was first eased we had hopes that we were on the home straight and had this licked. Enquiries picked up - we even did one wedding! And then we had the fiasco of the run up to Christmas and Christmas itself.

And since then there has been a ban in place.


Even now I don’t think that’s been fully appreciated. Not just heavily restricted - banned. OK, in exceptional circumstances they were allowed. But you had stupid rulings like that the Father of the Bride could not walk her down the aisle! Or that the bride and groom could not exchange wedding rings. I could go on!

And now, with a few restrictions coming off we have the ridiculous nightly sight of 10’s and 100’s of strangers mixing. In marquees, social distancing a distant memory. Meanwhile brides and grooms up and down the country can only have a heavily restricted wedding. Stand in a queue outside Primark? With strangers. No problem. Want to have more than 15 at your wedding? A £10,000 fine for the organiser.

With no real relief in sight until June - and maybe not then. You don’t organise a wedding with guests in a matter of hours! They need planning, suppliers need sorting, venues, wedding dress, food ….. and all the rest. Will I be able to have the wedding I planned in August? We really don’t know!

So it’s not really surprising that suppliers are going out of business and brides and grooms are losing faith and hope.

Here’s a link to a wedding we did in happier days - https://www.thepartyphotobooth.co.uk/rick-and-angelas-big-day-at-the-carylon-bay-hotel-st-austell/

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