Weddings and the science

Weddings - where's the guidance?

It’s no surprise that about 75% of our bookings, especially during the summer months, will be weddings. Outside weddings, barn weddings, historic house weddings. We’ve done them all in the 10 years since we’ve started. Each one different and incredibly import to the family and friends attending.

But that importance has been completely ignored recently. Weddings are effective banned except in certain exceptional circumstance, and have been for ages. And in the not too distant future, we were gradually ease out of lockdown, wedding rules will be slightly eased. But there’s absolutely no clarity to this. If anyone thought socialising again after this particular lock down will be stressful has never tried to plan a wedding!

Add yet, we’re reassured that this is, apparently, backed up by rigorous science. You can see from this post by the Huffpost from July 2020 that singing might be a problem. But look further down and it points out that not all agree. And yet, months before a very limited wedding can go ahead, thousands will be able to go to outside events. Thousands. Thousands of strangers. Squeezing through turnstiles. Going to the toilets. Eating and drinking. Talking, shouting, laughing - maybe even singing!

When you last went to a wedding

When you last went to a wedding - was it full of strangers? Don’t worry, I already know the answer. The vast majority of wedding guests know each other. I can’t think of a single reason why, then, they’d willingly put their loved ones at increased risk. Yes, absolutely, the wedding suppliers will be unknown but they’ll be just as keen to protect their livelihood. Which means that they’ll be just as keen as the rest to have proper protection protocols in place. Take our industry as an example. I can’t ever see an event where a funny wig is going to be useful again - because there’s no way of safely and easily cleaning it. Elton John glasses - sure. Signs - absolutely. The photo booth itself. Sure. We’ve put protocols in place for our staff that they’ll wear a mask at all time, irrespective of whether they’ve had one or two jabs. If asked, we’ll take a flow test before we enter the premises.

Waiting for guidance!

So - where’s the science? Where’s the guidance we all need to plan these life changing events?

There’s a very good blog from Hitched here

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