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This is, quite definitely the most important day of your life – and anyone who says different doesn’t understand what you’ve been through just to get to this point – and what lies ahead.

But it’s not just the case that it’s important to you – it’s also important to your family and friends.  They are in your corner and want you to have the day you dream of.

However let’s face it, when you look back at your wedding day in years to come what are the high points that you are going to remember and be able to touch?  The dress? Certainly if you keep it.  The ceremony? Very wonderful I’m sure.

Because without some sort of a photographic reminder (snap shots on an iphone just don’t cut it – as much because they don’t usually get printed out), I’m afraid it’s all going to fade. But that photo album and those printouts are going to be with you always – and because we specialise in enclosed photo booths your guests will be just that much more relaxed and willing to let their hair down (and try out some of those props that we bring along with us as standard).

Because it’s about your day but it’s also about your guests – having fun and filling your guest book with photographic memories (we’ll give you the USB disk with all the images at the end of the evening) and comments that stay forever.

Our wedding photo booth hire service comes with everything that you need to have a good time – along with our booth butlers who are there for you (not their phones) and your guests.

We don’t want to brag – so we let our photographs speak for themselves. You’ll find them on our Facebook page and on the menu links on the right.  If you can’t find them here then please go over to our Facebook page where all our Wedding photo booth hire prints are stored.