Wedding gift list

wedding gift list

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve mentioned before the idea of a wedding gift list.  Creating a wedding site for your wedding is another post recently. The idea is to update the wedding gift list that brides draw up.  Usually, mothers’ would consult when asked “What would she like for her bottom drawer”.  This has been given a whole new twist, with brides creating a web site about the wedding, the guests, the bride and groom   Much like creating a separate e-mail account to handle all the emails about the wedding.  This can really help to organise the whole day.  So you don’t end up like the bride on the front page!

Personally we’re in favour of this approach.  Unless you are asking only your very nearest and dearest, it can help to foster a “feel good” factor.  As well as being a great resource for your guests.

Wedding gift list

One article that caught our eye recently was in the Daily Telegraph about the forthcoming wedding of Ayesha Vardag & Stephen Bence.  Step away from the text (and comments) and look at their actual wedding website.  There are very practical reasons behind their decisions and very practical information (accommodation, directions etc).

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Or follow this link to The Wedding Present Company.

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