Wedding gift ideas – some ideas for you

It’s January (when we write this) &loads of your friends have got engaged over the New Year. Or you can see it looming in February. So it’s time to get thinking about the wedding gift lists - & it’s already proving tricky!  You want to give something suitable, something within budget, something not too cheesy ….
Have a browse of the wedding gift suggestions below - the first one is a bit obvious!

Buy a (share) in a photo booth hire for the big day

Told it was a bit obvious!  But - what better way to help them celebrate their day and get long lasting memories.  You don’t have to hire it yourself - get together with a few others to spread the cost.

An experience day

Perfect for the post honeymoon blues!  When you get engaged your entire life seems to revolve around wedding planning.  It exhausting but exhilarating at the same time.  Then you get to the day, do the honeymoon and ….. it can be a bit of an anti-climax!  That’s where this idea comes into it’s own.  A fun day out doing stuff that they like, together.  It could be a photography session, swinging through trees on a zip wire …. the possibilities are endless.  And the number of companies out there offering this sort of thing are endless too!.  We’ve suggestion one - but we’ve not tried them - follow this link.  And it doesn’t have to be active, necessarily - there are Gin Days, Food days, Cookery classes …..

Something for the home
We’re not talking here about the dreaded toaster!  We’re thinking Art - something like a printed canvas or a canvas with romantic text. How about a personalised keepsake box? Or coasters, personalised wine glasses - the possibilities are endless!  We’ll throw this one out there and then you can groan - perhaps a carpet cleaning robot ….?
There is so much out there that we can only scratch the surface of this problem. If it’s any consolation we always “freeze” when it comes to this sort of thing!

Cartoon image of wedding gifts partially opened

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