Wedding entertainment ideas

Wedding entertainment ideas

Planning a wedding is up there with the major stress moments of anyone’s life.  The top five in no particular order are death (of a close friend / relative), loss of job, divorce, moving house & major illness).

Wedding entertainment ideas

One of the major decisions for a bride - after the venue, the church, the dress …. is the wedding entertainment ideas for your reception. You may have been to (lots of) weddings recently and come across many different ideas - disco (silent or noisy), live band, singing waiters …. that your head is brimming with ideas and it’s a cinch! But, then again …..

The wedding entertainment ideas for your reception should, ideally, fulfill several criteria:
  • Reflect your personality,
  • Be fun, &
  • Be accessible to as many of your guests as possible.

That last might surprise some but generally wedding guests are of all different ages.  And, it won’t surprise you to know that a photo booth will hit all three criteria absolutely on the head. They are incredibly inclusive and who doesn’t want fun photos of all their guests to keep?

Is that stating the bleeding obvious?!

A disco is usually the easiest thing to agree about and there are a lot of operators out there.  Some couples like to create a song set whilst others are happy to go with the flow. It’s your day so do make sure that if you have any particular favourites (or bete noir tracks) that you let the DJ know.

Have you thought about hiring a magician? We came across Adrian Pritchard at a wedding recently and were really impressed. He’s been a professional magician for at least the last 20 years.  It’s a great way to break the ice between guests during a reception.

Then, of course, there is the whole chocolate fountain question.  Forget the chocolate fountains that you can get for your house; these are the real thing with marsh mallows, pineapple … and lots of sticky people! One that we came across recently is Chocolate Fountain Hire who had everything sorted out - we were particularly impressed with how involved their operator was with the guests.

Finally in the wedding entertainment suppliers list, how about hiring a live band? We came across The Keepers recently.  They performed a great mix of current and classic covers which had everyone on the floor and kept them there.

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