We want our booth butlers to have fun as well

February 8, 2019

Work shouldn’t be just about turning up and going through the motions.  We believe that our booth butlers should have fun too!  After all they are providing a fun item to the party.

Ever seen someone NOT enjoy being in a photo booth?  No, me neither!

Booth butlers

Being a booth butler isn’t all about fun, obviously.  After all the event is a “one time only” and so it’s crucial to get it right.  It’s not about turning up and being a party pooper - it is all about helping people to enjoy themselves.  Sometimes they need a bit of help in getting into the mood.  We make sure that the butlers give clear, concise instructions - although, to be fair, these can get lost in the noise of the party or how much alcohol has been drunk.

We insist that our booth butlers are smart and stay off their mobile phones whilst they are working.  At the end of the event they should get a customer satisfaction form filed in by the host (although sometimes that is impossible).

Booth butlers