We provide unlimited prints in our Gold package

Unlimited prints

One upgrade that we include in our Gold Package is unlimited prints.  And then potential clients turned around and ask what is in hindsight an obvious question is; what does unlimited prints actually mean?

It’s actually drawn quite a bit of flack from other booth operators.  On one reading, unlimited prints might mean that we’d print as many copies of the print outs as required.  That would mean that any guest could ask for any print out, multiple times.  We sometimes feel we’re doing that anyway when there are a lot of children at an event that we’re doing!

And some people are naturally cynical and feel that it is some sort of a marketing ploy.  We’ll promise unlimited prints but actually on the night “forget” that aspect or use some other ploy to get out of that commitment.

So, we’ll come clean now.

To us, unlimited prints mean that we WILL print out a copy for each guest who goes into the booth, plus one for the guest book.  We’ll not forget that commitment or somehow try and wriggle out of it.  We did an event for FitJam recently where there were 500 + guests and all of them went into the booth at one point during the evening.  And I do mean all of them.  We were kept extremely busy, naturally, but none of them left without their print out.

Why do we make that commitment?

For many years we only provided two print outs, irrespective of the number of people in the shot.  Very plain and simple.  But then we noticed that we were blogging about printing out and preserving your memories and yet we weren’t practising what we preached.  We believe that printing out what you photograph is an integral part of recording our daily lives.  But here we were restricting the number of print outs when we were at an event.

Although it’s helped to promote us and make us stand out from other photo booth hire companies, I think this is one upgrade that will stay.

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