Tree planting with the Woodland Trust

Tree dedication

The Woodland Trust has been in the news quite a bit with a particular emphasis on Ash Dieback.

At the Hucking Estate, very close to Maidstone, they’re planting thousands of Ash trees.  Tree planting as extensive as this would appear to be a waste of time and effort.  The saplings are not protected in any way from Ash Dieback.  However the Woodland Trust are banking on the fact that some will be naturally resistant to the disease.  They will then be able to analyse those in order to be able to protect future ash trees.  Given how prevalent Ash trees are to our environment we must all hope that this is successful - and quickly!

2013 Photography Competition

The Woodland Trust have also just chosen the winner of their 2013 photography competition (maybe we’ll be in with a chance next year!). They also run a Corporate Sponsorship scheme where business’ can buy trees to dedicate to their customers.  They can also buy woodland carbon to off-set their carbon emissions.  Here at The Party Photobooth we buy a tree for the hosts of every event that we do and include it into the overall price of each package.  The Woodland Trust allows purchase of trees into specific woods - the trees they plant are native species (but not, obviously, Ash).  We print, and bring along with us, the certificate showing where the tree has been planted.

Tree planting might sound very altruistic to include in our quote.  Anyone can elect to not have it included, although very few do.  Some will see this as a USP proposition (Unique Selling Proposition).  Actually it’s down to wanting to make a difference to our environment and giving others a chance to be included in that.  Tree planting as a gift is perhaps not as popular as it could be (and there are plenty of high-profile disaster stories and plenty of good news stories and for an update here) and this is our attempt to help.


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