Top wedding sites

February 25, 2013

They are there waiting for you. And the top wedding sites are all in a list below.

The wedding industry is full of positive, wonderful professional people who just want to do the best they can. Whoever employs them - by the bride or the wedding venue - that is their raison d’etre.  Mostly they are creative types who enjoy a bit of a challenge.  To draw a caricature, they bring together disparate ideas and make the day spectacular.  The top wedding sites are no exception.

Top wedding sites

Searching through the Internet can be fun - but it’s unlikely that you’re going to find a link from one wedding site to a rivals and so you start searching all over again.  And what if you miss that blog that just draws everything together just for you ….

This is a listing of the top 100 wedding blogs - and whilst we can’t say we’ve looked through them all I think you’ll agree that there are some amazingly wonderfully inspired blogs available to any bride or groom who wants to be inspired.

So how do you get you booth to truly be yours?

The first thing to suggest is props.  Not sure what we are talking about?  Think wigs / hats / glasses / masks for your guests to wear when having their photos taken.  This definitely adds an element of fun and are generally silly and outlandish.  If you are having a theme at your wedding (whether that is the seaside, vintage, pirates or even a colour) it’s worthwhile informing your photo booth company so that they can bring props that compliment what you want to achieve.  Props should be included into basic price as standard.  Some companies do charge for extra props – we don’t happen to do so.

Green screen

Many companies now also offer a back drop, green screen or themed prints.  This is becoming more and more popular with event hosts, especially in the corporate world.  The idea is to capture your theme or brand onto every print that comes out. All this is possible, from a shark behind you for a sea side event or your brand for your corporate promotion.

Printing on the photo booth

Most of the premium photo booths are solid with rigid sides.  These can be fully printed to have any image, logo or colour making your photo booth truly yours to match any event. This changes the look of the booth dramatically – imagine a picture of the bride and groom, etched onto the side of the photo booth or if the advertising for a film was displayed on the side of the photo booth.