Top reasons to hire a photo booth at your party!

Hire a photo booth

Photo booths have been available for hire for a while now, but they have always proved to be THE talked about addition to any event.  The music can be bang on, the food fabulous – but the instant print out which you get to keep – priceless!  There are loads of good reasons to hire a photo booth for any event – let’s look at hiring one for your corporate event.

Firstly, let’s agree that a photo booth lets everyone come together as friends, not just co-workers.  Group shots / whole department shots (if you get an open booth) bring people together and really help foster that collaborative feeling!  Everyone likes taking photos – just look at the number of selfies that appear on your Facebook feed!  Entertaining your co-workers is what it’s all about – and that feel good feeling will bleed over into the office.

Secondly. The Photos The photos go up on the mood boards and no one forgets the fun!  “I still have that photo we took in the photo booth!”  A photo, as we’ve said often before, does not die – it lives forever.  Digitally and physically.  They turn up on timelines, at the back of drawers, on fridges, crumpled in a purse …. All those memories!

Thirdly – they break the ice!  Your guests may not all know each other – but can bond over the photos, the extensive props and / or the backdrop.  This has often resulted in some surprising shots – and even romance!

And the final reason to hire a photo booth?  it’s FUN!  There’s nothing quite like a photo booth session to bring out the exhibitionist in your guests!  It’s one of the best ways to entertain your guests.

Hire a photo booth

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