To have and to hold for ever – is a photo album worth it?

Let’s face it - we’ve all been to a party and not remembered very much afterwards! The drinks flow, the conversation gets louder and louder, the stories more risqué and the journey home too blurred. And it’s anyone’s guess why you have 5 new phone numbers in your favourites list!

That’s the sort of party that we, as photo booth operators, kind of hope we don’t get to see too often, if I’m honest. A lot of the work that we do is for weddings where that sort of behaviour is the exception, not the rule. It’s not that that behaviour doesn’t necessarily happen. But it’s fair to say that extremely drunk people don’t make the best guests. No harm in getting drunk but it’s someone else’s special day and most respect that.

However when it comes to the photo booth we want everyone to have loads of fun! Loads of dressing up, loads of word sign props - whatever goes into making a fun photo. You’ll notice that in some of our packages we offer unlimited photos - but in our most popular package, and our top package we include a photo album. In our top package we also include unlimited print so that no one who goes into the booth walks away without a physical copy.

A photo album is key

Why? Simply put, it’s got all the memories that are fit to print (& a few that aren’t!). It’s what the booth butler will give to the host / hostess before they leave. It’s what you’ll look through the morning after and keep for years. Photos on social media platforms don’t get curated or indexed. They typically get lost in all the “noise” of everyday life. As a photo booth hire company, we constantly get past clients and guests “liking” a photo on our Album feed. From an event that might have taken place years ago. That’s where the whole idea of a photo booth at an event makes sense.

Photo album

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