The environment and the photo booth business

Tree dedication

How can you put the environment and the photo booth business together? After all, let’s face it any photo booth business has environmental considerations. Naturally!

The environment and the photo booth business

Photo booths do not come with a 0 carbon footprint. You just have to consider the mechanics of getting a photo booth to the venue. Without counting the costs of running the office - we do something separate for that - we need to get our booth butler to the lock up. They need to transport it to the venue. During the event they’ll be printing out the photos. Finally, they have to get the booth back to the lock up and themselves to their homes.

All that activity has an environmental impact. We ameliorate that with our tree buying policy. Most of the time we transport our booths and butler in a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Still one of the most efficient and environmental car available on the road today.

We’re not saints but it’s the little things that count - hopefully!

Tree dedicationOur tree buying policy means that we’ll buy a tree from the Woodland Trust. They’re planting and re-planting forests throughout the United Kingdom. The tree gets dedicated to the hosts of the party (or whoever you chose) and we’ll bring along a certificate. Trees are, as far as all the research shows, still the best way of capturing carbon and locking it up.

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