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COVID-19 has decimated the entertainment industry and event news from us has been seriously lacking!

But, joy of joy, we got to do a COVID restricted wedding celebration last weekend. We can’t post any photos from the event (most of the guests were teachers) but it was such a joyous event! We had done the wedding of the sister of the bride last year. That was memorable too as the photographer didn’t turn up and so our Party Print facility came into it’s own. The same was true for this event - as I’m sure you know, every subcontractor counts towards the 30 guest limit. So for this reason guests were encouraged to use their phones. We then set up our little WiFi network and they could then print them out whilst still at the event. A lovely addition to the photo album full of the fun in the booth.

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This event was held in a traditional pub with lots of low beams. However, the area we were working from was upstairs with plenty of headroom. Our booth butler wore a face mask throughout. Additionally, we provided sanitizer for any guest who wanted to use. We brought along lots of signs and moustaches on metal sticks (all easy to clean between use). We also had some re-usable wedding props on wooden sticks (thrown away after use).

It is absolutely infuriating that so many weddings have been postponed since this pandemic started. Even more so now when pubs can open with loads of people, noise, music and laughter but weddings are still restricted to 30 people in total (and no singing or dancing).

It was lovely to get this message from the bride afterwards.

Hi Mike,
MASSIVE THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoyed getting back into work and had as much fun as we did. Love the pics and all the messages people have added to their pics in the book! 

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