Spring is here at last!

Spring daffoldils

Thank goodness – at last spring is in the offing! If, like us, you’ve suffered the cold, the wet, the snow, the wind …. well the calmer, balmier days to come are very, very welcome.
For us there was a long December with loads of Christmas parties and corporate celebrations of one sort or another. Our gigs ranged across the South West, from St Ives to Maidstone (thankfully not back to back!). We were also going North up to Oxford, Bristol and, of course, London.

A brief pre-spring overview

We had our share of long planned events and repeat gigs. It’s a really a big pat on the back for our booth butlers when we get asked back again and again. And then there were the emergency gigs – sometimes with only a few days’ notice as the contracted photo booth company pulled out at the last moment. That felt much more common this year. It was great, as the owner of this business, to see everyone in the office and out in the field, pull together to provide the service that we’re most proud of.
Now with spring on the way we’re gearing up for another busy wedding season. We’ve done quite a few wedding fairs since January which has helped to fill up the calendar and the events and bookings are rolling in. With 3 styles of booth to offer – and three packages – we can provide a photo booth to most requirements.
Interestingly, we’re finding that the traditional booth is just as popular as it’s ever been. We invested in Mirror and selfie booths over the last year or so. We expected there to be a lot of excitement around them. And there has been – especially in the high end fashion launches and younger, prom style parties. It looks like a booth, acts like a booth – and there is a degree of privacy which guests appreciate.

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