Quality versus quantity

October 10, 2013

Quality vs quantity - that is is an old chestnut in our world.  On the one hand, the probability of taking a great photo is increased if you take lots and lots of them. However you have to go through and throw away lots in order to find that quality photo.  So we think the image below sums up our attitude to quality versus quantity.

For us, with our photo booth hat on, it comes down to a tension between the two.  We want to have as many people as possible coming to the photobooth. BUT we will not compromise on the quality of the result.  Our booth butler is there to provide guidance and advice, where possible, to all who use the photobooth.  Whether it’s at the beginning of the hire or the end.  We know that, as the evening wears on, the guests will inevitably get more “excited” and “adventurous”, but we see our job to help them still get the best that we can.

As part of our overall package everyone is able to go into the photo booth as many times as they want.  But for us quality has to beat quantity.  There is, after absolutely no fun in having loads of photos, some of which are rubbish.  Whilst we publish all the photos taken on the night, we won’t publish to the web sets of photos that break common bounds of decency.

That might make us sound boring and sad.  But, we always say, we live and die by the quality of our photos.  Which is why we publish them, free of charge, on our website gallery and Facebook page.