Quality Photo booth hire? Definitely what we’re all about!

Quality Photo booth hire? Definitely what we're all about!

When you are researching for your wedding day there is that extra special dimension - quality.  This is THE day and, budget allowing, you want to provide the best you can for your guests.  And we’re all about providing a quality photo booth experience for you and all your guests.

Quality, quality, quality!

These days it’s really quite simple to do your research before buying; type into Google what you are looking for and you’ll have a whole range of sites to choose from (although sometimes finding the right search terms, however natural Google thinks it is, can be a game in itself).

Once you are searching, the buying decision is often down to location (can I pick it up / get it delivered?) and price / value (how does this price compare to others I’ve been looking at?)


Quality Photo booth hire

Quality should rule - provided you can budget for it.


Quality photo booth hire

Everyone needs a budget

Quality photo booth hire is possible if you get a budget!

Write down everything you can think that goes with a wedding - venue, flowers, cake, dress etc, and try and estimate how much it’s going to cost you.  Scary?  You betcha!  And that’s before you start talking to the venues, the wedding planners ….  Quite suddenly it all seems completely out of reach.

So, back to the budget and now, with a bit of realism, work out with your partner how much you can save between now and your big day, how much parents / grandparents might contribute and see where that leaves you.  Possibly still short of what you wanted?

So, here’s a tip that might help. What’s the most important thing for the day?  Is it the “must have” venue, the wedding planner, the photographer?  Whatever it is, try and put your budget list into order so that suddenly there’s some light shed on your priorities.

Quality photo booth hire

Nearly half of all brides surveyed didn’t stick to the budget!

None of this is easy or simple and all of it takes time, compromise and sometimes a dash of luck.  The pie chart you see is from a survey carried out in 2011.  What it says is that nearly half of all brides didn’t stick to their budgets so don’t feel bad!  It’s a long journey - you may just have started tonight, Valentines Day, but whatever the end result is always worth it!

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