Private Prom party for 2021 students

Private prom party

These are all the individual photos taken during a private prom party organised by the parents. They borrowed a marquee for our booth (we brought along our Pod booth).

You’ll notice that the images are variable in quality. Whilst our booth butlers will do everything that can to produce excellent photos - sometimes it just isn’t possible. Why? Well, in this case it was because we were in a (thin) marquee, outside in the garden and it was a cloudy day. So one moment we’d be battling bright sunshine, the next a cloud would come over. Hardly ideal but we’ll deal with whatever is thrown at us (within reason).

It was also the night that England played in the Euro Semi finals so we not used as much as usual. The parents were organising the private prom party because the school couldn’t due to Covid restrictions. Thankfully this restriction looks like it is being gradually lifted.

Outside parties

Its natural to want to celebrate outside whenever we can. And a photo booth will always add to the fun and excitement of an event. However please do bear in mind that photo booths need power and, being England, rain is possible at any time. This is why, when confirming the details of an event, we make sure to provide approximate dimensions of the booth but also that it really needs to be inside or, if under cover, on a flat level surface.

Private prom party

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