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Organising a wedding is extremely hard work over quite a long period of time - at least a year (anything else and you are not doing it right!!).  It’s stressful, manic and quite often a minefield - and that’s just the seating arrangements!  We’re going to be looking at what you should get when it comes to photo booth hire but first ….

Its’ no wonder a lot of brides turn to a wedding planner / event organiser.  But in today’s straightened economic climate that is not always possible or feasible.  Planning often comes back to the bride, her chief bridesmaid and her mother.

There’s all sorts of things to plan - venue, dress, hen night, stag night - and then there’s the entertainment to think about. When, where, how long for and what is going to make the day?

Music of some sort almost always plays a big part, whether it’s a full disco, a harpist playing background music, a band.  That’s outside of our area of competence.  We know exactly what you should get from a photo booth hire and so have set down some simple guidelines below.

So, what you should get …..

First and foremost you should know what style of photo booth you are hiring.  Most companies will have images of photo booths on their web site but is that what you are hiring?  There are many different styles from a booth.  Stand up - such as our magic Mirror - and you might get 7 or more guests in the photos.  Or our traditional sit down booth where we advise no more than 5 at a time - but regularly get more.  It’s important to know, just as it’s important to know the style and colour of your chair covers.

Second you should know what results you are likely to get,  Look at the images of previous events that the company has done.  Most put these images up either on the Facebook page or on their own web site.  Review them to look for exposure, composition, props, focus.  Remembering that this is your day and these images will be a reminder always - are they up to your standards?

Thirdly - exactly what are you hiring?  Most firms will hire for 3 hours as a minimum; most, if not all, will print out the photos on the night, some will now instantly upload the images to your guests’ Facebook page / twitter account, some claim to be nationwide … it’s very difficult to see the wood from the trees.  Generally, if it’s cheaper than everyone else it’s missing out on something - so perhaps there is no photo album (but you can buy an upgrade package) or the booth is inferior to your preferred model.  Get several different quotes and try and see where and what is included (or excluded).

And finally ….

At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference, possibly the feel you get from either talking to the company or their email attitude - we hope we shine through!


r take on what you should get when hiring a photo booth

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