Photo booth props

October 18, 2013

Do photo booth props make the picture?  Or is there something more to the popularity of photo booths?

Years ago now we saw our first photo booth in action.  It was at a Salvation Army wedding reception (I mention this in particular since, as I’m sure you know, Salvation Army members have taken the pledge).  The photo booth was busy pretty much all the time.  What impressed us was that all ages visited the booth and almost all of them dressed up.  Although I didn’t, at the time, think the quality of the photos were especially good.

We all know the image of the English abroad.  Characterised generally as reserved, ready to queue, aloof.  My thoughts were prompted by this article on the BBC web site recently).  And yet here they were enjoying themselves by liberally using the photo booth props & dressing up. That flamboyance, showing off, call it what you will, is so foreign to your typical English person that I thought, unfairly, that most of the guests were foreign (the groom was Polish).

Once I’d cleared that misconception up, I had to wonder what would happen when alcohol was added to the mix?  Our thoughts were that any photo booth we bought would need to be robust, durable & transportable.  Anyone who was with the booth (we call them a Booth Butler) would have their work cut out as the evening wore on and as more alcohol was consumed.

Photo booth props

Two beautiful guests - without photo booth props


Photo booth props

Same two beautiful guests with props added - has it added to the photo?

Photo booth props and butlers

In fact, with only a very, very few occasions, the guests have been wonderful  Fun, occasionally inspiring and generally incredible to work with.  Our Booth Butlers are there to help anyone to select props.  They also guide the guests through the operation of the booth.  And at the end, to help them put the photos into the wedding album.  That can all get very busy at times, naturally, as photo booths are so popular (subject for another post, I think).  If there is any aggro for the booth butler to deal with, all of their jobs would have to be put on hold in order to sort it out.

Photo booth props

I don’t think props would have made this a better picture? But ….

Photo booth props

The props certainly added something to this set of photos!


They report they spend a great deal of the time monitoring the queue.  The worst queuers?  University 1st year students are particularly loath to queue, it would seem.  The photo booth props get used most of the time.  Have a look at the “with” and “without” photos that I’ve scattered through this post.   think you’ll agree that the photo booth props certainly enliven a picture but everyone has fun with or without.