We have bases in Bournemouth & London which gives us the ability to cover the whole of Southern England (including Wales).  That gives us a whole range of venues that we regularly visit with our photo booths.  We’ve highlighted some in the specific pages relating to their area.

Photot booth hire in Berkshire


Photo Booth Hire in Berkshire - we bring the photo booth to you!

Berkshire itself includes some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK - as well as major towns and cities like Slough, Reading and Newbury.  As a photo booth hire company - a clue is in the name! - we are often asked to recommend or comment on venues. Venues we’ve been to in the past, obviously, but also things to consider.  These might be concerns on access, electrics ….. there’s usually an answer or we know someone who knows.  We’ve been providing our photo booth hire in Berkshire service for over 6 years now - but there are still venues we haven’t been to.

If you have a venue you’d like to recommend - please do get in touch.

Want to know more?

Berkshire - or the Royal Borough of Berkshire - borders London on the east and Wiltshire and Gloucestershire on the West.  It’s named Royal Borough because of the presence of Windsor Castle.  The title was confirmed by letters patent issued in 1974.

Berkshire has been the scene of many battles over the years.  It was the scene of the only substantial battle during the Glorious Revolution (1688).  That battle was one of the last land battles on mainland UK. It is also one of the most populous counties in the United Kingdom.  This gives us a wealth of venues for our photo booth hire in Berkshire service.  The list is by no means exhaustive and the comments are our own (though we wouldn’t include somewhere we wouldn’t recommend).