Photo booth hire entertainment – book early!

June 22, 2015

It can take a long time and a lot of patience to plan a wedding.  Most wedding planners suggest that researching the photo booth hire entertainment side of things should start as early as 6 months before your date.  For very popular dates earlier than that.

Priority list

Of course there is a priority list when planning a wedding.  Finding the right venue (or location) is absolutely up there at the top of the list.  You’ve got to get the right surroundings and feel you have the right team behind you.  Closely following that must be the actual wedding venue - church, registry office - and then you’re off to a flying start.

There’s the best man (men?) to choose for, brides maids (it now seems to be considered normal to buy the brides maids dresses and the best man suit), brides dress, hair, shoes …. The list can be endless, daunting and frighteningly expensive.

Photo booth hire entertainment

Photo booth hire entertainment should be one of your priorities (not something to add if there’s any budget to spare).  That is especially true if you plan on getting married on a weekend between May and September.  The very simple reason is that the vast majority of weddings take place during this time and if you want to be sure of booking the entertainment that you want then it’s little point in waiting until a couple of months before the date - or, as one bride did recently, until the week of the wedding.  Perhaps you’ve seen our photo booth hire before, perhaps it’s been recommended to you (we hope so!) but the point to remember is that planning a summer wedding can be a bit of a race and a competition with all the other brides out there - Bride Wars rings scarily true sometimes!

So – don’t leave it too late.  No one wants you to be disappointed.