We take your personal information extremely seriously

March 25, 2018

You’ve probably read recently about the Facebook users data issue. Some companies were harvesting the personal information and either selling it on or using it without the owners knowledge.
Personal information is really useful in the data world since it tells so much about you. Marketeers want it, advertisers need it and when used properly it targets a user or range of users. It seems that the vast majority of users had no idea that their personal information was used this way. There are approximately 31 million UK users of Facebook (2016) & you can’t (cheaply) access that number of users anywhere else.

Informed consent is a buzz word nowadays and yet many people (and this includes us) skip the “Terms and Conditions page”.  Who reads that anyway? We neither have the time nor the inclination to wade through the legal terms to try and understand what we are signing up to.

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the most important change in data protection in the last 20 years. It comes into force in May 2018. It includes such things as the right to be forgotten, data portability & increased territorial scope (basically it doesn’t matter where the data is processed).
As a photo booth company there are multiple points where we collect data about our clients & their guests. Basically, we collect data about the client during the enquiry and booking stages. We collect very limited data about the guests who visit the booth.

What do we do with that data?

Our office manager handles every enquiry & responds to it personally. The office records the initial enquiry data (name, email address, date of event, phone number) in our database. We contact them again within 3 days of the initial response with a text message. We also contact them by email at least twice more – unless there is another conversation going on. If there is no contact from the enquirer within 3 months (or past the date of the event) then we record the original date & time of the enquiry, the date of the event and the package. We then delete the actual enquiry form and any other messages related to it.
It’s a laborious process but one we’ve followed for quite some time now. We’ve been caught out once or twice by enquirers contacting us beyond the 3 months!

You will also notice that this website is a secure website (https). This helps to protect the integrity of our web sites and also the integrity and security of any data we get through the web site – such as when filling in an enquiry form.