Here at The Party Photobooth Company we try to add as much value to our package as we can; that’s why we include a party photo album, rather than charging you separately for it.  That’s why we buy a tree from the Woodland Trust and dedicate it to the hosts.

These are the party photo albums we can offer for your event. Obviously the choice of party photo album is entirely up to you - and we need to put a caveat in here to the effect that our suppliers change their range quite frequently so please do check with us before confirming your booking of a photo booth.

Whilst these are our standard party photo album offerings, if you have a specific theme in mind for your event, just let us know and we’ll try to source something appropriate.
Don’t forget that, as standard, we will print out 2 copies of the set of photos, so that you have at the end of the event, an album full of all the photos taken - with comments from your guests.

party photo album

Brown photo album

party photo album255mm x 255mm x 20mm party photo album

Black photo album

party photo album  255mm x 255mm x 20mm party photo album

Black Iguana photo album (white pages)

Photo booth album    257 x 200 x 16mm    Photo booth album

London Underground photo album

party photo album  253mm x 269mm x 28mm  party photo album

Timber photo album

party photo album  250mm x 270mm x 18mm  party photo album

All photo albums have 50 sheets, 100 pages.

All subject to availability