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Let us help you to make your party one that your guests will remember, and rave about!  Our parties photo booth hire experience has an enviable reputation for bringing the fun to the party and for pampering your guests – all our photo booths have curtains so that your guests can feel comfortable and relaxed – cue some fabulous, spontaneous photos!

Every party is that bit special and what you get to take away, more than anything else, are the memories. And with our parties photo booth hire experience you get the photos of everyone enjoying themselves as well – all presented to you at the end of the evening in a photo album, along with the USB memory stick with all the photos on.

Because you know that photos on someone else’s phone are just that – photos on someone else’s phone. They don’t have any longevity that way – whereas a printout you keep.  And it’s something you can laugh about with your friends for a long time into the future. And our printouts are pretty much instant and touch dry – you watch once your guests see what everyone else has done in the photo booth!  So we print out pretty much instantly and we provide a photo album (a real one, not an online gallery one) so that the photos can be pasted in there and anyone and everyone can write you a message.

Now that’s something to treasure!

Add in stellar service (our booth butlers’ look after your guests, not look after their phones!), extensive prop basket (let us know a theme and we’ll aim for props that fit that theme) ……

We don’t want to brag – so we let our photographs speak for themselves. You’ll find them on our Facebook page and on the menu links on the right.