Crowdcube Christmas party 2019 at Bickham Barn, Exeter

Client "in" our Pod photo booth standing in front of one of our Christmas backdrops with a "Caution. Too hot to handle" prop sign

Our Pod photo booth hire just got a new backdrop especially in time for Christmas!  So we were more than chuffed to bring it out for one of our regular customers - Crowdcube.  We’ve been lucky to provide a photo booth for them several times recently.  This was the first time we’ve provided our Pod photo booth hire service and - as you can see - it went down a storm!

Because the Pod booth is an open booth we can use this backdrop for our Mirrors as well.  The party was at Bickham Barn, Kenn, Exeter, Devon EX6 7XL.  The (delicious!) food was provided by Lyn’s Catering - definitely our new favourite caterer!

What to remember when hiring an open style booth

There are several things to bear in mind if you are thinking of hiring an open booth.  Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, what goes on in the booth - goes on in the party!  That can be a major selling point - but it might also turn some people off.  Not everyone wants to show off or act the fool - and have the evidence that they did the following morning! Certainly whenever we have an open booth out on hire there is always a proportion of the guests who won’t be seen dead in the booth.  That might not matter - or it might!  Especially if it’s a special occasion like a wedding and these guests are the really important ones.

Secondly - and again because it an open booth - LIGHTING!  And this is especially true if your hire package includes green screen backgrounds.  With an open booth it’s more difficult to direct the lighting and lighting from other sources (such as the DJ) can have a real detrimental effect on the quality of the print outs.  A professional photographer wouldn’t rely on the ambient light at an event - and neither do we.  We use a flash placed on the top of the booth, angled down.   But if there is other flashing lights nearby that can fire the flash (at the wrong moment) or ruin the green screen image.

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