No deposit bookings

No deposit

For April 2021 only, we are taking bookings with no deposit!

Yes, that’s right - NO DEPOSIT! We all recognise that the regulations regarding weddings are causing confusion and stress for everyone concerned. And it doesn’t help that they seem to have been written ad hoc or with little or no input from anyone in the entertainment industry.

We’ve been through an awful lot in the last year - the first industry to shut down and, at the moment, the last to open up again. The advice we have received from the Government seems to change on an ad hoc basis. And the guidance as it stands now suggests that a marquee in a pub car park, filled with strangers, is safer than a marquee at a venue with 15 people who all know each other.

How that has come about is a mystery and will remain so until either there is an independent enquiry or the science and data is published.

So - get your order in now and beat the crowd! If you have any questions please do call us!

We all need a reason to celebrate!

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