Mr & Mrs Stampe got married with our green screen photo booth

green screen

Here are all the photos from our Premium booth. We used our green screen photo booth this time but the bride and groom chose to have only 1 green screen image (instead of the usual four).The wedding was at The White Hart, Great Yeldham.

green screen

That’s in Essex - miles and miles away from our base in Bournemouth! Why did we take this on? Well, firstly, we run fully electric cars. So, discounting the travel time, this wasn’t as expensive to run to. Secondly, of course, COVID. Whilst we would like to do only local gigs (and the vast majority are) - Covid decimated the entertainment business and we need to so gigs where we can get them (within sense, of course!).

Just to add fun to the evening - our booth butler managed to leave part of the booth behind! Thankfully he stayed local(ish) and was able to pick it up the next day.

Our green screen photo booth is perennially popular with brides and grooms. Typically we’d use four different images but I think this works really well.

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