Lloyds Christmas party 2019, held at the West Cliff Hotel, Bournemouth

Staff enjoying our Bournemouth mirror boooth hire

As always, our Bournemouth Mirror hire service went down a storm for the Lloyds Christmas party, held at the West Cliff Hotel, here in Bournemouth.   This was the “End of Year” party and it’s the second year in a row with our Bournemouth Mirror hire.  Last year was a blast - and this year too!  You just have to look at the images below to see what a good time was had - by all.

Below is a sample of the photos - we’ve placed all of them on our Facebook page - follow this link.

Your can see from these images that we provide our own backdrop - in this case a gold sparkly backdrop.  We invest heavily in our systems and equipment to try and give the best experience to our clients.  With a mirror booth hire we believe that it’s important to have a proper backdrop.  Not only does this give consistency of background to the images but it also helps to constrain the light.  A very important consideration!  There are exceptions.  We have provided a open booth hire without a backdrop but that was simply because there was not enough room.  It was in a tiny club so, whilst we used our open booth, we also made sure that it was pointing at a (plain) wall so that we had some sort of control.

Getting lots into a Bournemouth mirror booth image - this time it was 11!

11 in one go - not our best yet but a good effort!


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