Latest statistics on the average cost of a wedding – March 2018

March 12, 2018

The average cost of a wedding (2016) is now approximately £27,000 Of course that’s not just for the one day. Included in that figure will be the costs for Hen and stag do and probably the honeymoon as well. And if there isn’t a honeymoon there will be a mini-moon or maxi-moon.
The average age at marriage for a opposite-sex couple is now about 36 – the statistics for same-sex marriages in the UK is still not available.
And finally, the number of opposite-sex marriages in the 2015 fell to 239,020. To put that last figure into some sort of context, that’s still nearly 4,500 marriages a week.

These figures are from the Office for National Statistics report for 2015. Our own, completely seat of the pants gut feeling is that the number of marriages has fallen since then – made up in part by the number of celebrations of all sorts. A reception doesn’t need to follow a marriage ceremony & increasingly that is what we’re seeing.

But a common complaint is ….

One of the commonest complaints we hear from brides and grooms is that prices are inflated when suppliers hear “wedding”. Given the numbers above, I guess it’s not surprising that some suppliers will do that. I hasten to add that it’s not what we do!
For ourselves, we’d rather offer an all-inclusive package price that gets brides and grooms most of what they want or need. There are always options to upgrade – like additional house or video booth. But they are not for every bride or groom.
One of the biggest expenses for any wedding reception has got to be the venue and catering. It’s not un-common for venues to charge between £3,500 and £5,000 for the day. At the higher end, that may include the catering. On its own, catering may easily come out at £15.00 per head – pity the hosts who hear that a guest has cancelled at the last minute!

For an interesting article on this whole topic, please follow this link to the BBC.