Latest Government Guidance

We have, at last, sight of the latest Government Guidance. And it’s got brides and grooms, wedding planners and everyone else tearing their hair out!

In shot - wedding venues can hold ceremonies now. Only outdoor receptions from 12th April and none before. No private land marquee receptions. No indoor weddings until the 12th of April in reality since no wedding venues are allowed to open. Meanwhile pubs can put up marquees for their car parks to handle the spill over. Somehow a pub landlord is better able to police that than a wedding planner.

If you were going to the pub - something we’ve all missed I expect - you’d expect it to be safe. That those in charge are trained & cognisant of how to do so. Now forgive me if I state the bleeding obvious, but a pub landlord (or bouncer or whoever is in charge of the marquee area) wants to make a profit every day. To make up for all the closures over the lads year. They won’t know their clientele and their interest extends to turnover.

Compare that with a wedding planner or a bride and groom in the same situation. They want the day - and only that day - to be a success. They know who they’ve invited and, just as crucially, they’re not really motivated by a profit figure (brides and grooms obviously, venues and planners because they’ve calculated their costs based on known numbers)..

So a bride and groom can marry at a licensed wedding venue but can’t have my reception there. But they can go to the pub and have their reception there with strangers and a higher footfall over any private wedding venue.

This latest government guidance simply makes no sense and continues to penalise the wedding sector.

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