It’s time to change your wedding favours!

March 28, 2018

Wedding favours for guests seem to be a growing phenomenon in the wedding world. Brides and grooms buy a little something for each guest as a memento of their day. It used to be a slice of cake. Now the wedding favour may be some personalised chocolate love hearts with a few other sweeties plus a scroll or something to celebrate the day. All placed in a presentation box with a lovely bow. We used to do this as a Goodie bag at the end of our children’s’ birthday party and now it’s all grown up.

What is included in a wedding favour differs from wedding to wedding, of course. What doesn’t change is that this is just one more charge to your budget. And it’s worth pointing out that the wedding favours (as described) are not really designed to last very long.

It’s time to change your wedding favours!

The average cost of a wedding, despite the global recession since 2008, has stayed pretty steady at about £25,000. That may not include the honeymoon. Apparently, the average cost of wedding favours is about £3 per wedding favour. With 100 guests that comes out at over 1% of your budget – for wedding favours that may not last the journey home!

Being a responsible photo booth hire company, we have to contrast that expense (and longevity) with the cost and FUN that a photo booth hire can bring to your party!

Everyone loves a photo booth and the print outs are there for ever. On fridges, in fridge magnets, on key rings, in wallets. Those print outs record the event but also your guests having fun! So why not use our photos of your guests having fun as your wedding favour?

And with all our events we offer design services for the print out so that it fits your theme and style. So your guests will get a wedding favour that reflects you!

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