How can you protect your wedding?

Planning your wedding

Just recently the wedding industry has been battered by the revelations that at least two wedding companies have gone into liquidation – in at least one case almost certainly fraudulently.  In most industries you get knock offs (shoes, handbags) or special deals. But it is particularly cruel when it happens in the wedding market This is, after all, a very special day for all concerned and any supplier can wreak havoc to all your careful plans.

So, what steps can you take to protect your wedding?

Wedding insurance

First and foremost, get some wedding insurance. There are many companies out there that offer this at different levels of cover. Most provide public liability cover which is a useful add on, particularly if you are sharing the venue with regular paying guests). Wedding insurance will protect you against suppliers and much else. For the (relatively) small price of the premium it’s definitely worth it – BUT be aware that wedding insurance will not protect your wedding if your supplier scams you, only if they go into administration.

Research your suppliers

Which is why …..Do some research into the companies you choose. It isn’t enough to go on friends’ recommendations or word of mouth. Companies change management, change ownership …. In the photo booth world, I always suggest looking through their Facebook posts. Pay (some) attention to customer comments and scoring. Look at the quality, and the frequency that they do jobs. Look at Companies House filings. If they are a registered company, ask for their company number and VAT number (if they are registered).

PAT Certificate, Public Liability Insurance

If they are providing electrical services of any kind, ask for their PAT certificate and Public Liability certificates. Although the PAT certificate is not legally required most venues should be asking for it. No company should be without public liability insurance – it’s just one of the costs of doing business in the UK.

Get quotes

Finally, get quite a few quotes and compare them as far as you can. If a company is offering their product at a cheap price you have to ask why? We’re all on budgets all of the time but as one disappointed bride told me the other day “I should have done it properly but was on a small budget”.
It’s one day, a really important day, and it makes sense to protect your wedding as far as possible.

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