Honeymoon destination

Honeymoon destination

We get asked all the time for ideas on, for, and about events and how to go about it all.  Planning an event can, and maybe should, be stressful and there is always a worry that you’ve forgotten something - whether it’s shoes or passports or checking payment terms ….

So this page is all about, in the first place, people and places that we’d recommend; there’s nothing professional about this all, just long experience and high standards.

An amazing honeymoon destination - one we recommend again and again.

Odd to start here but ….

Alexander McClintock, the owner, was in Portugal for his honeymoon back in 1987 with his new wife.  They were staying in a flat on the Algarve but decided to explore the hinterland before they returned home. The Algarve, then as it is now, was tourists, high-rise flats, dust and sand. But behind the Algarve was this magical, almost medieval land where time stood still.   They came across the Santa Clara lake, a man-made reservoir, and bought twelve acres of lakeside with some existing buildings.

Over time, by dint of his own efforts and those of family and friends, he’s transformed the local flora and fauna and built a beautiful lake side retreat for anyone to enjoy.  This is quite simply the most perfect place to get away and relax after all the stress and is simple, quiet and intimate.  It’s own reservoir, water sports, bird watching …. I’m not saying anymore.

UPDATE - This honeymoon location gets fantastic reviews in TripAdvisor - do check them out!

May 2017 - And now the Sunday Times has recommended them twice in the last 2 months  #65 out of 100 top European hotels under 100€ a night.  You’ll need to provide a few details to the publisher in order to see the full list.

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