Hiring a photo booth for your corporate party? We’ve thought up a few good reasons!

Hire a photo booth

Why use a photo booth for your corporate party?

Good question - especially in these pandemic times!  Having a photo booth for your corporate party - in these uncertain times it can seem to be counter intuitive to have a corporate party at all!  Or any party for that matter.
Is it too much to hope that there is a “new normal” that still includes parties?  If there is one thing that parties are good at - it’s bringing people together.  Recently many of us have been working from home, juggling a home life with business needs. Going from one Zoom conference call to the next - exhausting! But what most people miss is actually nothing beats being in the same room as each other.  That has to be done safely and following whatever the current regulations are.  And that can be done!
Photo booths have always proved to be THE talked about addition to any event.  The music can be bang on, the food fabulous – but the instant print out which you get to keep – priceless!  In the new normal that much won’t change.  There are loads of good reasons to hire a photo booth for any event – let’s look at hiring one for your corporate party.
Firstly, let’s agree that a photo booth lets everyone come together as friends, not just co-workers. Usng a Mirror booth means that you can get more into the shot. So work groups can get together - and with our unlimited prints option everyone will get a print out.  
Secondly. The Photos The photos go up on the mood boards and no one forgets the fun!  “I still have that photo we took in the photo booth!”  A photo, as we’ve said often before, does not die – it lives forever.  Digitally and physically.  They turn up on timelines, at the back of drawers, on fridges, crumpled in a purse …. All those memories!
Thirdly – they break the ice!  Not everyone knows everyone else. But put a photo booth into the mix - and see some surprising results - even romance! If we get back to using physical props - even more fun!
And the final reason to hire a photo booth?  it’s FUN!  There’s nothing quite like a photo booth session to bring out the exhibitionist in your guests!  It’s one of the best ways to entertain your guests.

They hired a photo booth for a corporate party!

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