Hash tag printing

March 6, 2017

The photo booth industry is always changing – and hash tag printing might just be the next big thing!  What a way to create a buzz at any event – whether corporate or private!

And it’s easy to see why.  Hash tag printing means that everyone can walk away with a physical copy of the photo!  For those of us in the industry who already do unlimited prints, it won’t come as a surprise that all ages still love the physical memory of an event.

How can hash tag printing be incorporated?

Hash tag printing can be incorporated into an event in two ways,  Firstly by using a wireless enabled printing to scan for a particular hash tag.  Secondly, by having a laptop connected to a printer.

For weddings we bring an added bonus to the mix – we can scan for hash tags printed on social media over the previous 30 days.  That means that images from the hen or stag party can also get captured and added to the photo album.

And, perhaps more importantly, it means that photos taken during the day by your guests can also get captured from their phones.  And printed!

There’s an obvious advantage for the corporate market.  It can create a buzz about your product, launch …. or whatever.  Using hash tags is increasingly popular nowadays because it can reach so many new and potential customers. Hash tags create a buzz about what’s happening.  Your customer attends your event and their images is instantly hash tagged.  They can down load it to their phones – or use the printer to print it out there and then.

Whether the aim is to increase your customer reach or simply to capture more of those images from your day, hash tag printing seems to be the way to go.

With thanks to Forbes who prompted my thoughts on this.