Green screen technology – is it for you?

March 27, 2016

Have you heard of green screen technology?   It is essentially the ability for your guests to be photographed against a backdrop without actually being there.  You may be thinking of it for your wedding or celebratory party.

Green screen, blue screen ….

Green screen (& blue screen) are the most popular. There is little risk that any body part will be cropped out, but some software will enable you to have magenta, or even red screen.  Green screen for a St Patrick’s Day party - not a good idea!  Green screen for a Christmas party?  not such a great idea since many Christmas themed props will have (some) green in them!  So the props need to appropriate.  Whatever you choose it makes sense to warn your guests.

Set the theme

Green screen is great for setting a theme.  But there do seem to be particular themes that we get asked for again and again – travel destinations, holiday spots, Las Vegas.  And quite often we try to provide the green screen images which are specific to the couple; we were at a wedding last year in a marquee at a farm.  The groom was the farmer (saves on the venue hire!) and they wanted a set of green screen images specific to the country side around the farm – in this case Durdle Door and the like.

But …..

Which brings me to the potential fly in the whole green screen images idea – intellectual property rights.  It’s a potential minefield and one that you need to be aware of.  Intellectual property rights exist to protect the owner of – in our case – an image so that their image is not used without their permission.  Disney is particularly robust in their defense of any of their images so the rule of thumb is – if you want to use an image make sure it’s “free to use”.