Film is Dead! Film is back!

Photographic evidence

Until very recently, photographers film made by Kodak or Agfa was widely available.  But then along came the digital camera and, very rapidly it seemed, “film is dead“.

And then there was darkness?  Well, not quite.  People set up tribute pages to mourn the loss of iconic brand names and types of film.  However photographers were still using film – & there’s the impossible project of course.

Now, it seems, Film is back!  You may have seen the articles recently reporting that Kodak is considering bringing back ektachrome film.  National Geographic magazine use it in preference to most other types of film.

What’s ektachrome film?

Ektachrome isn’t however, your normal film – it’s a range of transparency, still, and motion picture films which require quite some processes in order to develop it.  But according to those who know the depth and range of colours and results that can be obtained when using this type of film, it’s far superior to anything out there then – and now.

However it’s not as simple as Film is Dead!  Film is back!  The chemical process to develop any of the old analogue film makes it cost prohibitive.  Unless done in very large numbers, of course.  However it’s very unlikely that people are going to give up on their phones any time soon.

And, speaking as photo booth hire operators, we’re kind of glad that film isn’t making a come back in any really significant way.  We use top range Digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR to you and me) which process the image digitally so that we can print out the images within about 20 seconds of the end of the session – something that would be unbelievable with analogue film.

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