Emily & Matthew’s wedding celebrations at the Italian Villa

Groom and Best Man in the photo booth - trying to be sensible!

These are the photos from Emily & Matthew’s wedding celebrations at the Italian Villa.  This was in the Siena Suite.  A few of the photos are below.  All the print outs are up on our Facebook page. This was the last event we did before the virus hit. And I guess it may be the last event at the Italian Villa as it closed down very soon after.

We decided to make use of a black background within the photo booth for this event.  If you’ve seen our previous posts you’ll see that we’ve used our warm red background quite often.  It’s the color of passionate love, (and seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure!). But red is not the only colour!  With a black background guests could have blended into the background.  That didn’t happen - especially when the groom and his best man got into the booth and had a bit of fun!

We’ve also included the menu for the wedding breakfast. As always Beales Gourmet produced some truly scrumptious food.  Unfortunately we only got to see the cheese spread.  There is also the table game that Emily and Matthew put on the tables. It was a great way to get people talking!

wedding breakfast menu at the Italian Villa for Emily & Matthew. Traditional photo booth hire at the Italian Villa Wedding table questions to get your guests chatting. Traditional photo booth hire at the Italian Villa

What did we supply for this traditional photo booth hire?

Matt & Emily first enquired for our photo booth hire back in April 2019.  At that time they were looking at our Gold package. In the end chose the Bronze package and made use of the upgrades to get themselves a bargain! A special request was that we set up the booth early in the afternoon. After their meal they all came downstairs to relax and have some photographs. If we had set up then we would have disturbed that guests. This was we came back jut before we were due to start.

Other suppliers

Stomping Boondocks - 07398786092.  Can’t recommend these guys highly enough!  Really tight and got (and kept) everyone up and dancing.

Perfect Wedding Photography - great guys, really unobtrusive.

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