We offer a complete design layout service as standard

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Design layout - a hot topic going into the New Year.  You may already know that we offer a full design layout service.  We realise that, in a crowded market where price is extremely important, it pays to stand out in other ways.

One of the ways for us is design layout.  That enables us to have a tighter relationship with our customers.  For some photo booth customers, the design layout takes a back seat to getting the business in.  To us, it’s an integral part of the whole process.  We don’r do Google Add Words so we’ll never appear in the first few search results.  Which is a shame but that’s the nature of the market now.  But we can be quite visible on social media - mostly Facebook - and that gets us quite a bit of attention.

We find that we get enquiries because we aim to be that bit different.  We can’t compete on price and have never tried to.  What we can compete on is the quality of our service, the breadth of our experience & the fact that we are not the cheapest but have taken years to build up this business.  On our booking form we ask that basic questions about the design layout that is required,  In the weeks leading up to the event we get in contact with the client to better understand what they want and then start to draw up designs to their requirements.

Below are some of the designs we’ve used recently - admittedly they are mostly Christmas based but I think you’ll get the idea.Design layout

Photo booth hire

Photo booth hire has been around for quite some time now, going through boom and bust.  It’s almost become a de rigeur aspect of a good party.  Long gone are the days when we had to explain what everyone had to do in the booth.  Gone too are the days when we’d find guests who had never heard of a photo booth at a party.

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