Clayesmore School Prep Year 8 Leavers Dinner and Disco

Clayesmore School Prep Year 8 Leavers Dinner & DIsco

These are the images we took for Clayesmore School Prep at their Year 8 Dinner & Disco party.

It’s just so lovely to be working again & we couldn’t have chosen a nice venue and bunch of students to start with. It’s been a very long dry time for us - and all in the hospitality industry. The last event we did was in August 2020, and before that in March 2020. Considering that we normally do over 100 events a year! As a result of Government restrictions (fair or not is up to you) and that self employed directors received no support at all, it’s been a very difficult period for us.

But enough!

This event was originally planned for last year with our Mirror booth. It’s an event that we do regularly for Clayesmore School Prep. Hopefully of course, we’ll be doing it for years to come. The students (and teachers) were great fun and, of course we followed all the relevant COVID rules. We used a lot of word signs (mostly from These are the easiest to keep clean when in a rush - naturally the Mirror booth was well used throughout! We would normally bring along masks, wigs, hats and glasses (to name but a few). However until COVID is no longer a risk, we’ll keep those away.

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